Make Your Packaging Pop with Labels!

Make Your Packaging Pop with Labels!

Packaging matters.

Now a days, it is so easy for your package to be lost in a sea of other plain, white or brown packages. With so many people ordering online, you want your product to stand out before it is even in your customers hands.

Packaging is the first thing that the customer experiences and branding it or making it special is always a great way to show your customer that you have THEM in mind.

Labels are a great, inexpensive way to upgrade your packaging & marketing, making your product the center of attention. 

Using labels opens up endless options for marketing and packaging your products. You can use them as cute return addresses, add a custom thank you message, plaster your logo over the packaging, and so much more.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to up your packaging game.


A Thank You Says a Thousand Words

One of our favorite ways to use labels is to say thank you! It is that small, simple thank you that says a thousand more words. As a business owner, you are always wanting to come up with new ways to thank you to your customers. You can add them on envelopes when you send out a letter, add it to a package, put on your cookie boxes, and so much more.

We have a lot of Thank You Label options available in our shop. They range from personal to small business-related. And the best part, most of them are customizable.


Make it Happy & Fresh

We have some great options for Small Businesses looking to add a little more happy to their packaging. These bright and fun labels look great on any type of package. Use it on the outside of your envelope as a seal, or use it close up your packaging on the inside.

Our Just For You Label and our Happy Mail Label options are great for that! Share a little love and show off your happy mail! Whatever way you use it, it is sure to put a smile on your customers face!


Spread the Word about Your Small Business

As a small business owner, we are always looking for fun ways to help spread the word of our small business. Reviews and ratings only boost our views, so why not send that friendly reminder with a thank you and a label!

If you are looking for a visual review and some social media marketing help (hello offline meets online), use our Snap and Share Label!


Make Holidays Fun with Labels

Some of my favorite labels in the shop are our holiday themed ones. Whatever the holiday is, I love using that as inspiration for cute, new labels.

We have a great selection of holiday themed labels that is perfect for any sort of packaging and branding! We have conversation hearts and floral thank you’s for Valentines Day, Christmas ornaments and Trees for the winter months, green rainbows and clovers to celebrate March! Check back often for new designs!


Weddings and Events

Now we know not all packages are the same. Some of these packages hold invitations or letters, heading out into the world to share some special moments. These are just as important, so why not add something special to your packaging, too? We have a lot of custom and personalized label options, designed and ready for you to stick on your invites for all of your events like weddings, bridal or baby showers, graduations, or even birthdays!


Most Important: Market Yourself!

We know you sent countless hours crafting and creating your logo. It is something that represents you and your business. So, make sure you show it off! Think of it like a stick-able business cards. Use them to show off your brand. Make sure your customer remembers just where they order from.

Use our Custom Sticker or Custom Label options to create business cards that stick, literally!



Stickers and Labels are not just for water bottles and laptops, although those are always fun to decorate, too! They are so much more versatile, especially when it comes to marketing your Small Business.

Labels are becoming more popular to use as an offline marketing tactic. Heck! You can even turn some of that offline marketing to online marketing and sales. And who doesn’t love that.